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Begin by looking over the guide below to choose how to use your Heal.thy Self Program, watch the onboarding video and gather the tools needed for your adventure!

How to use your Heal.thy Self System

This unique program was developed to give you the power back to heal yourself. In all healing systems, there are three steps to healing: awareness, acceptance and action.

This first step in healing is awareness

In order to heal any health challenge, you must be aware of what is going on in your whole system. You must get to know yourself as a physical, mental, genetic, spiritual, anatomic, psychological, and energetic network.

We tend to treat ourselves as an object such as a car that needs repair and take our physical body to the doctor to get it fixed. 

You are so much more than an object. You have so many networks running at the same time that if you truly want to heal, you must become aware of what is causing your health challenge on all levels of your being.

For example, I have a client from the UK, Trisha. Trisha signed up for my low back program because she was experiencing chronic pain in that area of her back. When she took my whole body program to heal her back, she almost quit the program when she received the assignment to reinstate her emotional guidance system. But Trisha didn’t give up, did the work to understand herself as a feeling system and at the end of the low back program, she explained that it was the emotional work that released her low back pain. In Trisha's own words,“The emotional work was the best part of the program!”

Like many people, Trisha didn’t understand the connection between chronically feeling frustrated and angry and her low back pain.

You may know, like Trisha, that an area of your body aches, is fighting a disease, has inherited a defect, suffered an injury or some other diagnosis but what you might not know is that your whole big, beautiful network is involved in the challenge not just your big toe knuckle if you’re suffering from a bunion.

In order to heal, you must become aware of what is going on in all your networks. This Heal.thy Self Program guides you to become aware and ultimately know yourself as a whole being.

The second step of healing is acceptance

It’s such a victory to become aware and know what is really going on inside of yourself but that is just the first step. You must then accept that your bunion is directly connected to your genetics and it is telling you that you are out of balance between your inner and outer world. The feeling that is held here is anger.

If you reread the paragraph above, I’ve touched on your genetics (ancestors), the energetic meaning of balance, and the feeling of anger. If you had gone to the podiatrist they would not have you work on all these levels. You may get orthotics, a pain reliever and surgery may be recommended, but that is typically as deep as they go. But you are not a car with a part that needs oil or a replacement, you are a whole being and in order to heal your whole being, you must accept that you have to address all parts of you!

The Heal.thy Self System takes you on a journey to accept and embrace all parts of yourself as a whole.

The third step of healing is action

You can’t take action until you are aware of and fully accept your health challenge. Once you are aware and in acceptance, the last step is to figure out what to “do” to heal.

The Heal.thy Self System gives you many ways to work on your whole self to resolve your health challenges. It will also give you the power to direct your own health and healing.

ARE YOU READY to Heal Yourself? You can use this program in two ways:

#1 - Choose your greatest health challenge, locate the energy system it falls under by referring to the chart below, go into the Heal.thy Self Classroom and do the small daily actions in that area for 6 weeks. At the end of the 6 weeks you will:

  • Become aware of what is creating your health challenge physically, mentally, genetically, spiritually, anatomically, psychologically, and energetically
  • Accept your health challenge on all levels
  • Take the actions needed to create health and wellness

#2 - Take the whole journey to create health and wellness. Go into the Heal.thy Self Classroom and start with the root chakra and do the small daily actions for one year. At the end of the year you will:

  • Be aware of yourself as a whole being
  • Accept your whole self, the parts that are working great and the places where you struggle
  • Know what actions you need to take to continue creating whole-body health and wellness
  • Have created a full body map of you
  • Have created the Owner’s Manual for you

If you are doing the full one-year Heal.thy Self journey, I’ll meet you in the Heal.thy Self Classroom on Root Day #1.

If you are focusing on resolving a specific health challenge over the next 6 weeks, look over the chart below to determine which energy center to begin your journey!

_Body for Health Flyer (1)

Watch the onboarding video below!

Follow the steps below to gather your Heal.thy Self Tools and be prepared for your journey!

Live Zoom Call RSVP and Schedules will be updated on the Heal.thy Self Private Facebook page — Click here to join the Facebook page.

Make sure you have your books and things —
You will have to buy 4 books for our book study. Eastern Body Western Mind, by Anodea Judith, BodyMind, by Ken Dychtwald,  Frontiers of Health, by Christine Page, and the Anatomy Coloring Book. All four books will cost you right around $60. You can purchase all books from Amazon. You’ll need colored markers or pencils, 8.5 x 11” paper, a glue stick, a 3-ring binder (You will be placing all PDF’s in your binder as well as other items as instructed along the way.) and a hole punch, as well as access to a printer.

Download the list of Movement Tools you’ll need for the Heal.thy Self Journey. All tools are available on Amazon.

Download and review the Your Energy System pdf so you have an idea of where we are going.

Press the root button to begin the year-long adventure or the button that matches your health challenge to begin your Heal.thy Self Journey! Enjoy!!

Zoom #1 - 8/3/21

Zoom #2 - 9/6/21

Zoom #3 - 10/13/21

Zoom #4 11/27/21

Zoom #5 1/29/22



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