Move Beyond Pain & Tension To Feeling Alive & Ageless 

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Move Beyond Pain & Tension To Feeling Alive & Ageless

The online Ageless Movement Practices take you there

Free your body - Open your mind - Soothe your soul - Become ageless

All For Only $25 A MONTH


Online Classes To Move You Inside And Out!

Classes are 30-40 minutes long and address your whole being

More in-depth than classes at yoga and fitness studios

Stress free - No driving - No parking

On all your devices

Practice on your own schedule

If you're ready to make a change from stuck, heavy, tight, in pain and tense to feeling alive & ageless. The Ageless Movement Practices are for you!

No risk, you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

Give the gift of the Ageless Movement Practices to someone you love
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Michelle's extensive knowledge and expertise is helping to heal my body, after years of pain. I am grateful to her for sharing her gifts!  Marsha G, Hilo, HI

Michelle, you are one in a million and I am just so grateful to be a recipient of your instruction, nurturing, wisdom, and love. Rhona G, Los Angeles, CA

From prescribing specific daily exercises to providing a clear vision of what the body is “saying,” Michelle creates an inspiring path to healing that also expands one’s capacity for consciousness. I know this first hand!  Jack Z, Honokaa, HI

I would say I’m about 95% healed. Frances J. Victoria, CA

Online Membership

Ageless Movement Practices move beyond pain and tension to alive and ageless.

Private Sessions

1-on-1 with Michelle. Be guided to be your fully alive, amazing self. Receive a personal practice just for you.

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