Whole Body Movements to Feel Alive & Ageless


Whole Body Movements To Feel Alive & Ageless


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Ageless Movement Practice

Ageless Movement Practices to move beyond pain and tension to alive and ageless.
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Want to feel better quick??? These mini-practices will shift your painful, heavy feelings to light and free. 


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If you're ready to make a change from feeling stuck, heavy, tense or in pain to being alive & ageless. The Ageless Movement Practices are for you! Move to create a body you adore, a life you love, and the energy to sustain it.

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I love love love the tiny practice. I've been able to sneak it in at work a few times. I still love the full of course, but being able to rock some movements while I'm at work is groovy.

Maria B

Norfolk, VA

Today I feel light! Light in my body, light in my soul, full of sunshine light but unburdened light. I’ve definitely been on a journey through my practice over the past months!

I’ve also been wanting to share a huge win! I’ve been doing a daily practice now since the last retreat in Hawaii with Michelle. And I feel so great! The big win is that I have noticed this month that when I come out of my forward fold, I’m finding that I no longer have to readjust my standing posture! All this time I’ve had to do minor adjustments, butt down, ribs in and up, shoulders down and back. But now it just happens!

And that makes me so very happy!!!

Michelle G

New York, NY

So I think I’m putting last week’s Hope Will Free Your Hips practice into permanent rotation. I’ve always had tight hips, I carry a lot of pain there and had lower back issues for years. But this practice really put a fine point on how much work I have to do. Wow, do I feel better after that!! Absolutely incredible and I’ve got some new goals. Thanks, Michelle Andrie!

Kimberly S

Chicago. IL

I turn 50 today; getting older does not bother me one bit. My mom died when she was 47 and I try to be truly grateful for every day I get.

I've been lucky in that I haven't had a lot of health issues but about 2 years ago, I noticed that my body was really sore. For the first time in my life, I started feeling old and wasn't sure what to do. I don't mind getting older but I don't want to get older and feel awful all the time. Almost a year ago I found Michelle's ageless movement practices and have done them pretty much every day.

What a huge difference! I can't thank you enough Michelle. Your wisdom and your willingness to share that wisdom have given me a way to age gracefully and I am forever grateful. I feel wonderful...better than I did 10 years ago. You have given me the best gift of all. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Jill B

Houston, TX



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30- minute Ageless Movement Practices designed to move you to health & happiness.

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10-15 minute Ageless Movement Practices to shift you from painful, heavy emotions to light and free.

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If you have already registered on this site before, please login before completing your purchase using the form below:

Full Embrace of Being

Full Payment (Housing Included)

If you have already registered on this site before, please login before completing your purchase using the form below:

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