Move to Feel Alive & Ageless


Move To Feel Alive & Ageless

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The Online Ageless Movement Practices Take You There

Free Your Body - Open Your Mind - Soothe Your Soul - Become Ageless

Ageless Online Offerings

Ageless Movement Practice

Ageless Movement Practices to move beyond pain and tension to alive and ageless.
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A Few Minutes Of Ageless Wisdom

Want to feel better quick??? These mini-practices will shift your painful, heavy feelings to light and free. 

Food and Movement to step away from fear and into love! 

Click on the photo below to unlearn food and movement to create BIG change in your life. A joint collaboration with Clean Food Dirty Girl and Age Less Move More.

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Online Classes To Move You Inside And Out!

  • In-Depth Classes that Address Your Whole Being

  • Stress Free - No Driving - No Parking

  • On All Your Devices

  • Practice on Your Own Schedule

If you're ready to make a change from feeling stuck, heavy, tense or in pain to being alive & ageless. The Ageless Movement Practices are for you! Move to create a body you adore, a life you love, and the energy to sustain it.

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Michelle, you are one in a million and I am just so grateful to be a recipient of your instruction, nurturing, wisdom, and love.

Rhona G

Los Angeles, CA

Michelle's extensive knowledge and expertise is helping to heal my body, after years of pain. I am grateful to her for sharing her gifts!

Marsha G

Hilo, HI

From prescribing specific daily exercises to providing a clear vision of what the body is “saying,” Michelle creates an inspiring path to healing that also expands one’s capacity for consciousness. I know this first hand!

Jack Z

Honokaa, HI

I would say I’m about 95% healed.

Frances J. Victoria




Ageless Movement Practice

30- 40 minute Ageless Movement Practices to move beyond pain and tension to feel alive and ageless. Your membership includes a new practice every week.

A Few Minutes 

10-15 minute Ageless Movement Practices to shift you from painful, heavy emotions to light and free. You can purchase one or the whole bundle of ten videos.

Private Sessions

A one -on-one with Michelle via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. Be guided to be your amazing self and feel fully alive. Receive a personal practice just for you.

Full Embrace of Being

Full Payment (Housing Not Included)

Full Embrace of Being


Full Embrace of Being

Full Payment (Housing Included)

Create Your Best Life with Michelle Andrie

Pay in Full (For Those Who Made a $50 Deposit)

Move from Pain to Pain Less

$25 Initial Deposit

Move from Pain to Pain Less

Full Payment