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Joe Barcia, Landscaper // Hilo Hawaii

Thank you so much Michelle, for doing what others could not: provide me with the tools I need in order to continue to perform physically at a high level with tree climbing, surfing, and long distance running.

Two weeks before I was set to go on a surfing trip to Indonesia in 2015, my back went out yet again and I was considering cancelling my trip. Michelle took one look at my crooked posture and said,” I can help you”. The difference between her and the fifty health practitioners before her, was that she actually came through on her promise. She instructed me with exercises and stretches picked specifically for my situation.

I saw results within several days and ended up having one the best trips of  my life. Running is also very important to me and by doing my yoga practice that she taught me I’m able to continue to be competitive in marathons and ultra runs. This is remarkable because in 2008, I had a surgery on my back, which helped me only temporarily and still left my back vulnerable to going out frequently, anytime I went surfing or did a “wrong movement” at work.

Michelle put the power back in my hands, and has helped me get out of fear and to live a full life.

Rhona Greenstein // Los Angeles

I am especially grateful for you today!  It’s been a busy (wonderful, but busy) last few days cooking and preparing for Passover and by last night my back was yelling – like it hasn’t in a long time.

As I was doing  my practice this morning, I just kept thinking about how lucky I am to have found you and that you continue to stay in my life.  Michelle, you are one in a million and I am just so grateful to be a recipient of your instruction, nurturing, wisdom, and love.

Bless you – Namaste!!!
Love, Rhona

Jack Zimmerman // Honokaa, Hawaii

Michelle Andrie integrates a variety of remarkable capabilities in her understanding of the human body’s unbounded capacity. Her perceptions of the physiological and energy worlds is seamless, which makes for powerful healings of body imbalances that are unique to each person fortunate enough to work with her.

From prescribing specific daily exercises to providing a clear yogic vision of what the body is “saying,” Michelle creates an inspiring path to healing that also expands one’s capacity for consciousness. I know this first hand!


Co-author (with Jaquelyn McCandless) of Flesh and Spirit; the Mystery of Intimate Relationship Jack and Jaquelyn; An Adventure in Evolutionary Intimacy and also, An Exuberance of Love; poems, with art by Majak Bredell

Karen Minzer // Writer, Dallas TX

Before these powerful practices I could barely stand upright or walk because of lower back pain.  Now, I'm standing straight, walking gracefully with no pain and I’m not going to allow anyone to talk down to me again!

Jen Colombo // Artist, CT

I just have to tell you again how grateful I am for the work you do. In the last week including yesteday I've had 3 requests for colonic appts (it's been almost a year since I left) and I didn't get triggered, months ago I would have and it would have sent me into a downward spiral.
Instead I'm moving past, seeing ahead. I feel confident and see the possibilities though it's still a bit scary right now to not have that salary - but I know it will work out for the better in the end.
I wanted to share my piece the day after the news because well I was so shocked at the outcome and what I wrote. Thank you for helping me trust again, not just in myself (for the first time really )  but in others.

Frances Jorgensen // College Professor, Victoria, BC Canada

Michelle Andrie is a miracle worker. I have been working with her for several weeks now, and she gave me some travel hints that made my very long flight pretty painless. I would say I’m about 95% healed, and the last bit is likely from by being almost immobile for so long.

Marsha Pryor // Realtor Hilo, Hawaii

I’m not one to normally write reviews, but I felt the need to after my one on one session with Michelle. She zoned in on my on-going problem areas and gave me the perfect exercises to strengthen my body.

Her extensive knowledge and expertise is helping to heal my body, after years of pain. I am grateful to her for sharing her gifts !


Molly Patrick, Co-Founder, Clean Food Dirty Girl // Hilo, Hawaii

Molly Patrick shares her experience of working with Michelle Andrie and the Ageless Movement Practices.

Artemis Jukowsky// Film Maker, Sharp's War, Boston, MA

Artemis Jukowsky fell in Hawaii and broke his lower back in four places.  He had the opportunity to work with Michelle Andrie and the Ageless Movement Practices while he healed in the Hilo, Hawaii Hospital.

Joseph Patrick // Retired, Tucson, AZ

Joseph Patrick worked with Michelle Andrie on opening his hips and heart to feeling his way into life instead of thinking.

Luanne Teoh, Co-Founder, Clean Food Dirty Girl // Hilo, Hawaii

Luanne Teoh worked with Michelle Andrie to release the Carpal Tunnel she had been experiencing for years.  

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