Welcome to Heal.thy Self

The 1-year in-depth energy system program

that gives you the power to be in charge of your own

health & healing


You've chosen to Get to know your

whole self!


Take back your power and confidently

direct your own health and healing with one

little action every day which will lead to a big

change in your health and wellbeing.

Begin your journey

The journey begins by watching the onboarding video in your Heal.thy Self Classroom. You'll receive access to the Heal.thy Self Classroom by e-mail.

So, check your email!

From there you’ll start on Module #1 - The Root. On day #1 of Module #1, you'll find your root itinerary which maps out your small daily actions so you can schedule your days and weeks. You'll find all the pdfs and videos to assist you in your daily little actions posted in your Heal.thy Self Classroom.

Each of the 7-modules will take 52-days to give you a relaxed pace and a chance to absorb the information and changes that will occur as you learn and grow.

You will continue through each of the 7-modules addressing the energy centers until you reach the end of the 7th energy center. Then -- we'll CELEBRATE!

You'll rejoice in the freedom you've found to direct your own health and healing!





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