Confidently create a strong, happy and healthy lower back in 21 days!


(Without feeling exhausted by a nagging backache, the embarrassment of constantly saying "no" I can't do that and the disappointment of missing out on so many experiences.)


If you're a lover of life, an adventurer, or a supportive friend to those you love looking to get back to living your life to the fullest then you probably know that you need to do something you haven't tried to easily get up out of your chair without groaning and say "bring it on" to life!

So I'll get right down do it.

I don't need to convince you that your lower back is like a child that won't quit crying and at times that's all you hear.

You probably feel frustrated from waiting to see if that pull or niggle in your lower back is going to place you flat on the floor or in bed popping pills.

You've probably tried so many things to stop the catch of your breath as you bend over.

Here's what you


Even if you are lucky enough to have people around who are helpful and understanding, popping a pill gives you some relief, sometimes that adjustment from the chiropractor works (lucky you) --
having the tools to relieve your own lower back can:

Even if your doctor or chiropractor say there's nothing more you can do but keep taking pain killers and coming back for adjustments. Once you've learned how to put your own lower back into alignment -- you are free to confidently live your life.

You can plan an adventure, a trip to see your family, or a party where you prepare the food, put on your best outfit, and wear your beautiful smile. You can plan to do anything your heart says, "YES" too!

When you feel good, you look good and you just might find yourself smiling and laughing again at all the silly things life brings you.

Creating your own strong, healthy, happy lower back puts you in control of your movements. You can freely get back to walking, running, biking, swimming, gardening or whatever moves you love to make.





But what really works, who do you trust, where the heck do you start?


Perhaps in your most courageous moment, you've made the commitment to start doing something that you think will bring real relief. Only to end up struggling to get out of your car from seeing that doctor or doing that yoga class.

You've dreamed of a life of bending down to plant those dusty pink roses, standing for hours taking in the Kahlo exhibit at the MoMA, sitting comfortably watching the lastest Oscar winners in your local theatre, allowing that sleepy baby to fall asleep in your arms.


Without a super clear step-by-step program, that is proven to create healthy, happy lower backs for thousands of people most give up.

They fall victim to accepting their lower back can't be healthy, happy and strong.


The moment you give up hope and accept the discomfort as your way of life it's almost impossible to recover.

But lucky for you.

You didn't give up hope.

You are here.

Which means...

Even if you've accepted this as your way of life for a long time. There is still a chance you can take your power back and create a healthy, happy lower back.

That is ... If you follow a step-by-step program that has been proven to work.


Lower backs keep aching

(and how to get yours to stop!)

REASON #1 - Misunderstanding your body and treating yourself as a series of disconnected parts instead of one WHOLE beautiful system.

REASON #2 - Building a healthy, happy and strong lower back isn't particularly hard but you must make yourself a priority. It is necessary to take some time every day to focus on your lower back and step-by-step bring it back to health.

REASON #3 - Accepting that you are a body as well as a soul, a mind, and a spirit. A whole being!

REASON #4 - Lacking the courage to go out and try new things, gain new insights and knowledge that will give you the power to create a happy, healthy, and strong lower back.

kristina-flour-BcjdbyKWquw-unsplash (1)


Shhhh, I'm going to let you in on a

Little Secret

Even though there are many approaches to "fixing" a lower back.

Not many of them work.

The most popular way to treat lower back issues is to get you to rely on someone other than yourself for the solution. Think a doctor for surgery or a pill, a massage therapist for a rub, a chiropractor for a snap and a pop, or a physical therapist for a back exercise.

None of these methods hands you the knowledge which gives you the power to make your lower back feel fantastic.

The key ingredient to creating a healthy, happy, strong lower back is a step-by-step program that guides you to understanding your lower back as it relates to your whole being and gives you the tools to help yourself release and relax your lower back.

And with your permission that is what I'd love to show you how to create.


Heal.thy Low Back

The program that gives you the power

to step-by-step create a happy, healthy and strong lower back.

I've taken everything I've learned from creating my own healthy lower back and from guiding thousands of students to create a happy lower back for themselves and channeled it into a comprehensive step-by-step whole-body program that guides you to deeply understand your lower back physically, mentally, spiritually, soulfully and emotionally. Not only will you have that deep relationship with your lower back but you'll have the tools and techniques to relieve all your lower back discomfort from now on.

Heal.thy Low Back is a comprehensive program that will reconnect you to your lower back’s natural state of health and wellness.

The end result: A strong, healthy, happy lower back!


Here’s what people are saying

Those who’ve experienced the Heal.thy Low Back Journey all reduced their pain level -- on a scale from 1-10 with 1 being pain-free and 10 being Holy Moly that hurts -- they all began Heal.thy Low Back at a pain level of 6-10 and 21 days later they were experiencing a pain level of 1-3. Yes, you heard that right!

Incredible after only 21 days they experienced a happy, healthy, strong and dependable lower back.

AND if they did something, like lifting a heavy object, and their back pain level started going up -- they now had tools to come back to a happy lower back.

Meet Trisha

Meet Blair

Meet Nicole

I'm Michelle Andrie, IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist

and the creator of Heal.thy Low Back

I woke up in tears almost every day for 15 years. I wondered how I was going to get my daughter up and off to school.

I wondered how I was going to get through my day. My constant lower back pain took away so much of my joy.

Out of a desire to be free and get back to living my life to the fullest -- I went on a search for lower back relief that resulted in this whole-body approach to a strong, healthy and happy lower back -- I call it Heal.thy Low Back because it brought me back to a living my life to the fullest.

The only program of its kind that works with

your whole body


Here's the scoop ...

Heal.thy Low Back is a 21-day digital whole-body journey that will take you step-by-step into understanding your lower back as it relates to your whole being and will give you tools you can NOT find anywhere else to create a happy, healthy and strong lower back.

Designed to make a habit out of taking care of you!

Each day you will focus on you and step-by-step creating your healthy lower back until your body craves moving and releasing in a way that makes it say, "ahhhhhh"!

You will love your whole self!

You'll take guided experiences to deepen your relationship with your lower back. You will come to love this part of yourself again.

Take your power back!

You are powerful. You just needed to know what to do -- to step-by-step create a healthy lower back.

Creating your happy lower back!

You are about to embark on a journey --

a journey to create your happy lower back.


It all starts here.

It all starts right now.

Get ready for the best feeling

lower back you can imagine!


Your Map

It’s time to go into the terrain of your lower back and explore its physical beauty. To stand in awe of the flow of your feelings and trust in yourself again. To be that spirited traveler that is soulfully connected to you.

Heal.thy Low Back Builder #1 - Overcome fear -- You will encounter fear, be handed the tools to overcome it and trust -- again -- in your own inner guidance system.

Heal.thy Low Back Builder #2 - Let go of guilt & control -- You will soften your grip of control to release guilt and see the amazing gifts and talents you possess. 

Heal.thy Low Back Builder #3 - Release anger -- You will dig into that deep crevice of your held anger feel the relief of letting it go to strongly connect to you and the beautiful world around you.

The Heal.thy Low Back "No Worries" Challenge --

Don't wait 21 days for your lower back to begin to feel better. In the first 5 days of Heal.thy Low Back, you'll have released your iliopsoas muscle reducing the amount of fear you hold in your body. You'll also learn how your Emotional Guidance System works so you can sense the possibility of allowing your feelings to flow and guide you.

If you don't feel confident Heal.thy Low Back can make your lower back healthy, happy, and strong -- simply reach out within the first 5 days after purchase, show the work you've put in and I'll refund your investment. Simply email me at

Here's what you're getting when you enroll today:

Heal.thy Low Back a $447 value



Unlimited access.

What HEAL.THY LOW BACK gives you ...

Daily mind-blowing movement videos: These 10-15 minute videos will guide you step-by-step to create a happy lower back with breathing techniques, myofascial release ball work, and yoga-based stretches and movements. They'll build to 4 full-movement videos that are 30-45 minutes long. Mmmm-mmm you are NOT going to believe how wonderful your lower back is going to feel.

Movement Map Downloads: Think of these as an old-fashioned road map with descriptions and photos that will aid in your step-by-step healthy lower back movement practices. 

Discovery Questions: Dive deep into the space of your lower back to understand what it needs to be strong and healthy. Think of these questions as your ticket to an exotic destination you've never been to -- It just happens to be inside of you and it has been awaiting your arrival.

Emotional Guidance System (EGS) Crash Course Video and Download: This part of the program has been called “the most surprisingly helpful” by Heal.thy Low Back participants. Your body guides you by sensing and feeling. Knowing what you feel and how to move your feelings is essential to creating a happy, healthy lower back.

Meditation Video: To give you the power to keep focusing on moving your emotions away from the lower heavy emotions like depression and anger up to happiness and joy. Yes, you will learn how to do that. This alone is so powerfully freeing to your lower back and entire being.

Support: A Heal.thy Low Back Private Facebook page for connection, support, and encouragement! All the "good jobs", "keep going", "don't worry none of us are perfect" cheers and shout-outs you can handle.

YES!!! I want Heal.thy Low Back!

ONLY $297 for unlimited access.


Frequently Asked Questions

Try the Heal.thy Low Back program before you go under the knife! The majority of Michelle's students avoided lower back surgery with the Heal.thy Low Back program.

Heal.thy Low Back Love

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Heal.thy Low Back is the PERFECT program for you if you are

ready for a strong, healthy, happy lower back!



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