You’ve lived with lower back pain long enough!


You absolutely DO NOT have to live with pain for one more day!

You just need to know what to do to live pain-free...

Imagine being able to fully heal your lower back pain all by yourself, in the comfort of your own home.

Close your eyes for a moment and just imagine it!!!

What would it feel like to understand your lower back pain at such a deep level that when it starts aching you know exactly what it needs to feel better fast?

What would your life be like without lower back pain?

Really think about that. So often we get used to the pain because it’s always there and we learn to live with it.

You don't have to live with pain anymore.


Lower Back Bliss


Here's the scoop...

Lower Back Bliss is a self-guided, digital journey that will show you the exact steps to move out of pain and into fully living your life, pain-free and happy.

You will be out of pain and doing all the things you love to do in just 21 days.

Life will become an adventure again!

You will find yourself dancing, gardening, hiking, biking, swimming, cooking, painting -- whatever you love to do -- all without lower back pain.

You can do this!

Open yourself up to the reality of healing your back in a way that’s easy and that feels good.

Feel the excitement!

It’s time to get moving again, and Lower Back Bliss will show you how.

Embrace the achy, tense part of you and love it back into bliss!

Lower Back Bliss

During this 21-day journey you will:

Work through the physical challenges that are causing your lower back pain.

Work through the emotional issues that keep you stuck in lower back tension.

Work through the mental challenges that create your achy lower back.

Not sure? Try the first three days of Lower Back Bliss so you can see what it’s all about. Sign-up for your free trial here.


It’s time for YOU to make YOU a priority and experience:

Freedom from pain.

Freedom from tension.

Freedom from achiness.

Freedom from tightness.

Freedom from sciatica.

Freedom from SI joint issues.

Freedom from inflammation.

Freedom from irritation.

Freedom to hike, bike, swim, dance, play, garden, cook, create, make love, run, jump – do a cartwheel -- whatever brings you joy!

YES! Try the first three days absolutely FREE!

Here’s what people are saying about Lower Back Bliss...

Those who’ve experienced the Lower Back Bliss Journey all reduced their pain level. On a scale from 1 to 10 with one being pain-free and 10 being Holy Moly that hurts they all began Lower Back Bliss at a pain level of 6-10 and 21 days later they were experiencing a pain level of 1-3.

Incredible after only 21 days they felt very little to no pain!

AND if they did something, like lifting a heavy object, and their back pain level started going up -- they now had tools to ease out the back pain.

Meet Trisha

Meet Blair

Meet Nicole

Say no more, I want in! 

Free 3-day trial, then $247 for unlimited access.

This is a total Lower Back Reset!


Working on your whole system to repair your lower back pain is the only way to heal your nagging lower back.

It’s time to treat yourself as a whole being.

Whole-body healing is how I went from lower back pain to lower back BLISS!

I can totally relate to lower back pain. I suffered from chronic lower back pain for 15 years.

One day of that kind of pain is too much!

My back went out in my late twenties. I felt as if I was in my eighties. I was stiff and tight, experienced sciatica, and felt a continuous throb on the right side of my lower back. I had to be careful because my back would go out if I made the wrong move. Oh, and when I made that wrong move and my back went out -- I couldn’t walk upright. Picture that -- a bent over in pain twenty-nine-year-old -- lovely!

During those lower back pain years, I went on an exploration to overcome the pain. I went to Orthopedic Surgeons, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Psychotherapists, Acupuncturists, and even a Psychic. I basically begged, please help from everyone I met.

No one had a whole complete answer, but I did receive a bit of good information here, and a helpful movement there until I was able to put together the practice that cured my back pain.

I call the practice, Lower Back Bliss because I’ve literally been blissing out ever since I got out of chronic pain!

It’s been my mission to share this practice with as many people as I can so no one has to live with chronic lower back pain.

Lower Back Bliss not only worked for me but for the thousands of people I’ve taught to overcome lower back pain and tension. My students live with happy lower backs-- And you will too!

Free 3-day trial, then $247 for unlimited access.

I’ve guided thousands of people to Lower Back Bliss...

Here are a few case studies:

Toni B.

Found herself in severe lower back pain from spinal stenosis in her lower spine by her early 70’s. Toni had been a ballet dancer and was heading up the Fifty plus program for the Baylor Fitness Center in Dallas, Texas when her pain hit. She saw an Orthopedic Physician who performed surgery on Toni. The surgery brought no relief, she saw chiropractors, pilates instructors, yoga teachers, acupuncturists and received no relief for her back pain. 

Toni heard about my Lower Back Bliss program and decided to check it out. Within 21-days her back pain went from an 8 which she described as “crying every day”. To a 2 which Toni described as “feeling happy and free to dance again”!

The key to Toni’s recovery was taking back her creative passion for dance. She’d been telling herself she was too old to dance and her lower back began to hurt as if to validate the message of her inner voice.

Jan N.

Was taking a yoga class with a young instructor who was teaching twists when her back seized up. Jan placed a call to me while standing up against a wall in her hallway because she couldn’t move. I talked her into slowly coming off the wall and on to her yoga mat. 

Jan began her Lower Back Bliss journey and after only one day, Jan’s back softened. In a week she was wanting to get back into the ocean to swim, and after the full 21-days -- her back was as she says, “Back to normal.”

Holly O.

Experienced excruciating sciatica started after the death of her husband.  Holly’s Lower Back begin to seize up as she watched her childhood sweetheart have a stroke, go through prostate cancer surgery, and finally die from complications of that surgery a month later. 

In Holly’s grief her sacrum went out and her sciatica was so intense that she could barely walk. Going up and down the stairs to her bedroom was a painful nightmare. Holly heard about Lower back Bliss and began doing the program every day and within a couple of weeks she could do her daily walks again and 21-days later, she bought a new bike and was enjoying evening bike rides. 

Holly said the key for her was the whole being approach to healing. She had to release the grip of control in her butt cheeks, learn to feel grief, and accept her husband’s death.

Joe B.

Wanted to run and surf but his lower back wasn’t letting him. Joe found his way to Lower Back Bliss to heal his lower back and get back to doing the things he loves to do. After 21-days he was back in the water on his surfboard and began training for his next marathon. Joe ran that marathon and now, when you see Joe on Facebook, he’s either running or surfing every day.

You too can be on this list!

Experience Lower Back Bliss in just 21 days.

Free 3-day trial, then $247 for unlimited access.

What you get with LOWER BACK BLISS..

Daily mind-blowing movement videos: These 10-15 minute videos are packed with breathing techniques, myofascial release ball work, and yoga-based stretches and movements. You’ll also receive four full-movement videos in the program that are 30-45 minutes long.

Movement Map Downloads: Descriptions and photos that will aid in your movement practices. 

Discovery Questions: To take you deep into understanding the space of your lower back so you can connect with it --  making it possible to release pain and tension. You will begin to see yourself as a whole-being from these exercises.

Emotional Guidance System (EGS) Crash Course Video and Download: This part of the program has been called “the most surprisingly helpful” by Lower Back Bliss participants. Your body guides you by sensing and feeling. Knowing what you feel and how to move your feelings is essential to healing your lower back pain and the rest of your body.

Motivation Video: To help keep you on track.

Meditation Video: To keep you focusing on moving your emotions.

YES!!! I want Lower Back Bliss!

Free 3-day trial, then $247 for unlimited access.


Frequently Asked Questions

Try the Lower Back Bliss program before you go under the knife! The majority of my students avoided lower back surgery with the Lower Back Bliss program.



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If you have already registered on this site before, please login before completing your purchase using the form below:

Full Embrace of Being

Full Payment (Housing Included)

If you have already registered on this site before, please login before completing your purchase using the form below:

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